care first health insurance Articles

care first health insurance Articles

Survey finds barriers to lesbian health care (Planet Out via Yahoo! News)
SUMMARY: Three-quarters of lesbians have delayed obtaining health care -- most often because of costs and lack of adequate health insurance -- according to a nationwide survey.

National Survey Shows Lesbians Face Barriers for Quality Health Care (Gay Wired)
(Rochester, NY) — A new national survey shows that a lack of adequate health care and increasing insurance costs are the most common reasons lesbians use for a delay in obtaining health care insurance.

Survey finds barriers to lesbian health care (PlanetOut)
Three-quarters of lesbians, compared with half of heterosexual men and women, have delayed obtaining health care even when sick -- most often because of high health care costs and lack of adequate health insurance, according to a nationwide online survey.

Health care, job security spur Cooper Tire strike (Detroit News)
TEXARKANA, Ark. -- Workers at the Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. plant at Texarkana have gone on strike, with negotiations stuck over health care, union members said.

Small business health insurance purchasing plans struggling (Minnesota Public Radio)
Small companies in western Minnesota thought a pool approach to health insurance would lower their premium bills. So far the idea hasn''t worked, and only a handful of companies have signed on.

S.J. rally supports health care reform (San Jose Mercury News)
No matter that the political prospects for universal health insurance are decidedly dim. The spirit was strong at a San Jose union hall Saturday, where labor leaders, health care activists and advocates for the poor met to try to make it happen anyway.

New National Survey Shows Financial Concerns and Lack of Adequate Health Insurance are Top Causes for Delay by Lesbians (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
According to a new national online survey, health care costs and the lack of adequate health insurance are cited as the most common reasons why lesbians have delayed obtaining health care.

Report: An approaching health care crisis (The Union Leader and NewHampshire Sunday News)
The health-care system is supported by "pillars" of revenue, which represent the insured individuals who pay into the system. "As more and more people are dropped from insurance, they still use the health-care system, but are ‘missing pillars,''" the report states.

Health care needs work (The Sanford Herald)
RALEIGH - There''s a lot wrong with our health care system.

Insurer sues health-care providers (The Clarion-Ledger)
LOS ANGELES — Twelve state Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance plans have sued a group of Southern California health-care clinics, physicians and others they say are involved in an elaborate scheme to perform unnecessary surgeries and bilk insurers out of millions of dollars.