Energy Medicine — Today!

Energy Medicine — Today!

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LiquiHealth™ Technologies brings to the planet a new level of energy medicine — 35 years before its time!

Although energy medicine or "vibrational" medicine has been in this country for some twenty-five years or so, few had used it because it was difficult for most people to wrap their minds around the fact that energy or frequencies from herbs and other "naturals" could be programmed into water. After all, in 1993, the idea that encapsulated herbs could improve health was just beginning to be accepted as the public searched for a less harmful way to get well than the drugs and surgery being offered by western medicine.

Water technology is a new and evolving science with much yet to learn. Quantum physics plays a big part in the development of the water-based energy medicine and all admit that although the concept is not well understood, subtle energy, no matter how it''s delivered to the human system (homeopathy, body talk, Chi gong, therapeutic touch, Sanctuary/AIMS, QCXI or prayer), works.

However, LiquiHealth Technologies finds itself unique in the field.

  • The only systems approach to deep cellular cleansing
  • Two systems, with one designed specifically for strong constitutions (90% of the population) and one for the compromised constitution (10%)
  • A program that aligns all bodies to homeostasis for what we call radical wellness: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual
  • Formulas that contain as many as 2000 to over 35000 programmed frequencies
  • An additional 30 formulas on a pick-and-use basis
  • Self-diagnostic formulas that allow the body to decide which frequencies are "read", discarding the others
  • As simple as drinking 2 quarts of pure water a day — no pills!
  • The same program can be used for the entire family — from infants to elders
  • A once-in-a-lifetime event; never needs to be repeated with simple maintenance
  • The only system that addresses chaotic electric
  • Saves money — you never need another vitamin, supplement, herb, detoxifier, anti-biotic — it''s all in the water!
  • Did we say the LiquiHealth™ Systems were fast, easy and affordable?

Energy Medicine — Today!

…it''s all in the water

Two systems for two very different levels of health
which system do you need?

The FourStep™ System, a fast and easy program of preventive medicine for those who are basically healthy and want to stay that way. If you suspect a health issue or have been diagnosed with an illness, because of your strong constitution this is still the system for you.

Just four weeks in length, this program comes with two months of maintenance formulas and the LiquiHealth™ guide.


The Professional System of deep cellular cleansing, a comprehensive 18-week system for those with constitutions that have been compromised by body trauma, emotional trauma, man-made toxins or chaotic electric. Includes three months of maintenance and the LiquiHealth™ guide.

Both systems are user-friendly and very affordable.

Need a guarantee?

Answers Finally!

Thirty-five years before its time, subtle energy medicine, often called vibrational or electro-medicine, is proving that it holds important answers for unresolved health challenges. If you have health issues and don''t know where to begin, we may have some answers for you. LiquiHealth Technologies™ has partnered with the Energy Medicine Foundation to help provide educational materials to the public. Check out the Learning Center section of their site for answers to some commonly asked questions about health and energy medicine.

Unresolved health challenges?

Ask Carol Keppler, B.S., Ed., a Master Intuitive, who scans body energy for people and pets with 97% accuracy using her unique
15 minute QuickScan™ technique.

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